Kathy Ayikoru

Kathy Ayikoru is the Solar Hub Manager Arua. She is responsible for charging the batteries, ensuring that the equipment is maintained and distributing the batteries to the Lessees at the Distribution Points.

Kathy tells her own story:

“It’s great to have had grant support for women’s livelihood and gender equality. My job involves ensuring all the batteries are charged and safely distributed. It’s so good to be able to access all the key data on the business and control the allocation and monitoring of battery rentals … all using a mobile phone.

I have also been able to earn a decent income from working on this project and took up my studies again.”

Zurah Umar

Zurah Umar is one of our top lessees, one of 68 in Arua who have created their own rental business within the project.  Without POPO, she would not have a job nor be able to light her home and study at night.

Zurah tells her own story: 

“I am very grateful for the POPO Solar hub project.  It has improved my financial status, given me a great employment opportunity.  I can now raise money to continue with my further education and support my parents.  It has helped the people in my community, providing them with affordable power to charge their phones and have light all the time. Before they slept with a candle, which was dangerous. Now families can sleep with the light from the battery pack.  I am so grateful for POPO, without it I don’t know how my life would have been.” 

Jamila Mansur

Jamila Mansur is one of the over 20,000 beneficiaries so far, she started renting POPO batteries since the COVID pandemic.

Jamila tells her story :

“I am so pleased that POPO came to Arua.  I can now rent a battery to use in my shop and in my home so I can work and read at home at night.  With my phone charged at all times, I now use mobile money with my customers in the shop. The bright light in the battery makes me feel very safe when I walk home in the evening.”

Sylvia Namusoke

Sylvia Namusoke is the In Charge at the Ocea health centre in Rhino Camp where POPO kick-started its project. She uses the POPO battery herself and also uses batteries in the health centre.

Sylvia tells her own story

“We were very thankful when POPO arrived with the portable batteries.  I use a battery to charge my phone both here at the health centre and when we visit the community.  In the health centre the batteries have been a life-saver as we use them to light the maternity rooms at night.  The batteries have given both light and hope to the poor in the community”