Bringing Power To You
Bringing Power To You
Bringing Power To You
Bringing Power To You
Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to create sustainable social impact by addressing several SDG’s in an integrated manner.

Our Mission is to release the potential of communities by providing affordable access to clean portable power and to stimulate productive use.


1.3 Billion people have no Access to Electricity

1 in 3 own a mobile phone

Africa has the highest number of mobile phone subscriptions per capita and yet 500 million mobile phone users struggle to charge this device that is the driver of economic growth in an increasingly digital world.

Our Solution

Low-cost and flexible access to energy through secure and scalable battery rental platform, which requires no deposit,

has no credit checks and requires no fixed payment structure.

POPO is bringing clean solar power to off-grid areas in Uganda using smart portable batteries on a Pay As You Go basis. POPO aims to serve the 20 million Ugandans at the bottom of the economic pyramid, meeting their basis daily needs for electricity. POPO’s smart batteries are the only affordable solution. The Government’s strategy recognises that these needs cannot be met by the present mini-grid or solar home solutions.

POPO’s activities stimulate impact across 7 different  SDG’s, with direct measurable outcomes

Job Creation 

50% of POPO users are small business owners increasing additional income

Improving Health

Emergency lighting, secure communication and ability to provide e-health in the community.

Increasing Study-time

Lighting at home or after school clubs and powering tablets

Livelihood for Women
(Semi) Urban communities with clean solar power
Social Enterprises enabled

CO2 negative

Every POPO system saves 7tonnes CO2 per annum

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